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I'm sorry...

2012-03-26 05:51:39 by Alvin-Earthworm

It's been a long time since I last posted anything here. I have drafted this news post several times before but never had the courage to actually post it, but now I think it's high time I did this.
This is a very difficult thing for me. I have had this on my mind for quite some time now and I have no doubt that it will be a very unpopular decision, but I think it's time I finally lay Super Mario Bros Z to rest. I have been fooling myself into thinking I would continue the series because part of me really wanted to see it finished. But the fact is, it is a time consuming process and I have grown tired of working on it. Sprite animation no longer has the same appeal to me as it did several years ago. What was once a fun hobby of mine has now turned into a chore from the constant demand, which clearly shows from the lack of updates since episode 8 was released. I could blame my lack of motivation on my monotonous job and the impatient fans. (Not saying all my fans are impatient, of course. I'm only referring to the vocal minority). I have been keeping the series on life-support this long, hoping that some day my creative spark would return to me. Unfortunately it never did.
In any case, I would like to thank everyone who stuck by the series this long. It really pains me to do this to all of you after years of false promises, but it's high time I gave myself a reality check.
Thanks again for all the support (or hatred) you have given me throughout the years.


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2015-01-06 03:17:51

You did what you had to do, mark? If you quit the series then its ok? I respect your decision. since everybody is sad about this then some newgrounds authors should continue the series for you? Since your retired of making the series, it was pretty hard work for you. And it's the right decision you had to choose. And we respect your comment.


2014-03-23 13:30:10

I can understand not having the energy or time to finish a project like this alone with no incentive to do so. I'm with the others who brought up the possibility of doing a kickstarter or otherwise funding the completion of the project somehow, and teaching what you know to those who take on the project. The burden of funding the project would be on the fanbase, and you might renew your interest in sprite animation by mentoring others. Whatever you do though, I respect your decision.


2014-03-20 22:17:29

I respect your choice Alvin...
as sad as it is, i respect it. Creative spark isn't something easily requires passion and dedication. I hope to see more work from you one day. By far one of the best sprite animators out there, and still are today. Can't find half decent flash these days with a series...rare gem amongst rocks...
Take care....we all await your return..


2014-02-17 00:36:39


"Pathetic weakling without any character"

Keep in mind that this is coming from you, a brony with absolutely no content on this site. You also stated in response to a comment on FIMFiction that you don't speak up unless you have "something important to say". Believe me, even if your #20percentcooler fanfictions read like NIN induced sex, you wouldn't have a FINGER of authority deciding the "worth" of Alvin Earthworm. Shit doesn't work like that, kid. Grow a pair; animators create more emotional weight for themselves posting updates like this than you will in two years.


2014-01-04 21:27:42

Noxifier 626, you should be ashamed of yourself, very...VERY, ashamed!!! This brilliant minded, and Awesome creator and animator of Flash Sprites did possibly His very best at doing what he loved, until He lost that love because of all the demand from the greedy fans DEMANDING for continuation of the series, possibly had been said by them "More, More, MORE SUPER MARIO BROS Z YOU LAZY PRICK!!!" Because some of the fans are so impatient and demanding!!! Not to mention all the work he put into it, Why don't you think of that!!!! He worked, possibly His own BACKSIDE off, just to even make Super Mario Bros z, Episode 8, and by that time, He was probably exhausted, and hurt ALL OVER HIS BODY for MONTHS!!!!!!! Yet, you haven't felt the exhaustion and pain He has felt, and that is what kept you having the impatience and demand inside, to just possibly FORCE HIM to continue!!!! YOU, and THE REST OF YOU UNGRATEFUL, SELFISH, DEMANDING, ASSHOLES who think they are so-called "fans" of this AWESOME person, DON'T DESERVE ANOTHER SUPER MARIO BROS Z!!!! I have kept my patience for Super Mario Bros Z, even until I completely forgot about the series!!! Those, are the kind's of people who deserve something great, people who will wait for as long as it takes for something to happen!!! And, YOU, are NOT that kind of person, I can tell!!! May God Most High, have Mercy on your soul!


2014-01-01 16:51:05

I would like to add that Noxifier626 is the world's biggest git.


2013-12-28 21:46:41

to Noxifier626

Fuck you, you are a twat. You don't get to determine what someone does or doesnt do FOR FREE because it inconveniences you.


2013-12-14 17:38:00

to Noxifier626:
you sir are an asshole. He did this for free and he lost the creative spark to finish it. If you think hes weak, then finish the series yourself


2013-12-07 17:18:30

I hate you.
I hate you for leaving me hanging on this series only to cancel it.
You started something and then you lacked the determination to finish it.
You are nothing but a pathethic weakling without any character.


2013-11-16 18:57:48

I found out something about the reboot of the series guys! 4 years ago he really posted all ideas for the remaining episodes but its not there anymore! Could he positively reboot the series?


2013-10-08 17:46:14

I am quite fine with the idea of a reboot Alvin, after all this is your series and you should do it only in your vision. Also was Mecha Mario your idea?


2013-09-30 22:57:15



2013-09-14 02:15:52

All right then guys... I think you all know what we gotta do. This man is tired of drinkin lemonade, so let's get him a Pepsi. I'm thinkin Kickstarter.


2013-09-10 01:25:22


A. Mecha Mario. We only got a glimpse of him in Episode 7. No battles, abilities, or even personality shown! I think Mecha Mario may show up in the battle against the Koopalings and be kinda like a Mario-fied Mecha Sonic(except don't make it a Robo demigod. My god, Mecha Sonic). Like fireballs and extreme jumping(or flying), and having lasers and missiles.
B. Second fight with Basilisx. Sure, you mentioned how pointless he was(I agree), but at least have him battle the other heroes. I mean, all he did was petrify them. No intense battle. I think because Luigi got out because of the suits stone-turning-into-and-exiting powers, it may be possible for Fire Sonic and Yoshi to see freedom again and battle Basilisx.
C. My god, Lower Mecha Sonic's godliness. Seriously. You confirmed Shadow would lose, but come on. Mecha Sonic rarely got HIT in the whole series(the only one who could do it without a huge challenge was Yoshi). His godly moves and godly power level, should be lowered. I mean take WiiDude83's quote here.

"And the only reason we think Mecha Sonic is an all powerful demon is because of Mario Bros Z"

Well said.

And last, D. Stronger Heroes. "Shadow is strong" but he left, and I dunno if he's returning. Anyways, We got a few strong character transformations(Fire Sonic, 8-Bit Cape Mario), but not strong CHARACTERS. I mean, Luigi only fights if he thinks about his life, and Mecha Sonic is a demolition expert. Also, if the heroes confront Mecha Sonic, consider this! Mecha Sonic will not die. Like, give Mario and Luigi badges or stronger hammers. Yoshi... Well, eating powers? Sonic, less craziness.



2013-09-09 23:55:47


I for one would see a reboot as a good thing. Not only would it get you back into the gear of flash creation, but it would also possibly help restart your inner drive for recreating such a grand series. Can you just imagine how your lost fans (which are a bit more grown up and 'mature' now hopefully) will react to seeing SMBZ revamped?
With that said, have you tried all your options on your lost Flash Software? I know it was some time ago when you had it, but purchases like that don't just disappear. Could there be a number you could perhaps call and verify that you made such an order long ago, or used a registration key under your name? Customer Service is there for a reason, and you should use it to it's full potential (unless of course, you have already tried).
Also with higher advancements in software, you could help expand your fan base by using Youtube and other popular video sites to upload your creations. I'm not sure on how you are with getting help, but maybe if you spread your work around a bit, you could find some help from other professionals and maybe receive help in future episode creation. TeamFourStar with DBZ Abridged for example. Even though one guy edits it all using Vegas, the others help with voice overs, plot, and jokes. Maybe with flash you could have someone help setup the dialog and commands, while you do the animation. (I'm not very familiar with the flash environment however, and am unaware if you can do such things or not. I'm just assuming it can)
I say all of this after browsing some old flashes and hearing about you possibly considering a reboot. I remember waking up every morning before school, checking NG to see if you had posted a new episode yet, and those mornings that you did, the rest of the day didn't even matter as i'm sure I wasn't the only one. Yes the inevitable wave of "OMG WHENZ THE NEW EPIZODE?!1!?1" will come, but that's only a fraction of those that would really appreciate a finishing to this epic story. I know that feeling of having a story I want told visually, but don't have the experience+tools to do so. You however, have (maybe) both and can make it happen.
Hope you get the time and the spark to start this amazing series up again. b(^_^)d


2013-09-08 02:13:42

Alvin, if it means a lot to you, maybe other artists can continue the SMBZ series for you? Maybe the story wont be the same as you want it to, but its better than having a hole in yours or our hearts. Maybe with your permission, I'll make an animation and you can decide if my skill is good enough to continue the series. How's that sound?


2013-09-02 03:21:24

so from what i can tell you only need 500 pounds to get started' have you ever thought about starting a kickstarter thing? alot of people love this serious alot more then 500 people if you could get a quarter of them all to give you 50 cents you'd have way more then enuf to get back up and going. just a thought from a devoted fan who love to see the series come back


2013-09-01 19:41:51

A reboot, you say? Well, if you ever do it, splendid! I've waited this long for a full episode 9, and I'd be happy to see the series remastered again. And then, once we get where we left off, it shall be glorious!

Removal of fan ideas is fine by me, although I would like to see Bassillix or however you spell it get his but kicked by Mecha Sonic. Honestly, if it's SMBZ and you're the one making it, I'll take it!


2013-08-29 16:21:07

First, and foremost, I would like to thank you on your excellent work. It can't be easy taking time out to create such wonderful art, and I completely understand why you want to stop. It's kind of like eating pizza every night for dinner, sure you love it at first, but then your taste starts to change. There is nothing wrong with moving on, and if you feel like its the best thing to do, then I guess no one can, or should even try, to stop you. But regardless of what anyone has to say, your work was one of the most spectacular and entertaining pieces I've ever encountered. I followed it like it was my religion and even got my sister into it. So when you look back at your work, please don't look at it like it was some 'unfinished crap I just put together', but instead think of it as something that you know brought joy to other people. Thank you so much (I feel like I could write that a million times and it doesn't compare to how much grace I have for you and your work), and I hope you live the rest of your days as happy as you've made me.

Just a fan


2013-08-27 16:31:41

Alvin, I think if you do consider to continue the series again, I think what you should do is 1) wrap up the story on Basilisx, and 2) bring Shadow back in episode 9- if you bring the series back. I really do like the SMBZ series, though. I love the action, and I really thought Fire Sonic was awesome. I think when Shadow comes back, you should try to get the Ice Flower for him, and then you'll have Ice Shadow.


2013-08-27 07:54:15

hey alvin i hope you continue the smbz series i found the series about 2 years ago and loved it ever since i mean we survived the 2012 apocalypse we should celebrate by letting make part 9 jk its up to you man just remember you have over 13,000 fans and we'll all be here waiting if you decide to continue the series good luck see you soon i hope


2013-08-25 05:49:19

I am a huge fan of the original, but if the best way to save SBMZ is with a reboot then I guess its for the best.

If life gave you lemons then go make orange juice, life will be all like "what the hell?!?!".


2013-08-23 13:51:26

I'm glad to see you're considering a remake/reboot of SMBZ! I hope you go through with it, I'd love to see how you would improve upon the original concepts. I still get a kick out of the fight scenes to this day, so to improve upon them would be a sight to behold. Hope life's treating you good regardless!


2013-08-20 16:35:52

i knew sumthing will bad happen cuz mario died


2013-08-20 16:34:23

im sad you rebooting this all,i really LOVED these episodes! i i was watching them again and again...about 8 times.but i believe if you cant complete these episodes,other can.these episodes was really funny (for me so funny i almost died from laughing)..these episodes is my last chances to bring back my childhood.i would donate but i cant cuz im in latvia :'(


2013-08-19 00:31:53

ifureadthisdie i agree with you, i just started a mario series and this sparked my idea for sprite animation movies, so yea, im with ya


2013-08-18 20:50:04

Oh shit you're responding again.
Well, hope you do return. A reboot would definitely be interesting, it'd be eager to see how you go about it this time.
Your series is what got me to start sprite animation and I've come a long way. Hope to see the man who got me started come back. But it was all fun while it lasted regardless.


2013-08-18 19:08:52

Alvin i have watched your sprite animes since i was a kid and i thought you would continue the series until the end and i know it's not just me more then 100 people loves it exactly as i do and my feeling is making me wanna cry because tht serie was even greater then the original sonic x and the mario movies anyway if you would be interested in making more episode remember that you have 13,321 fans who support you as much as they can


2013-08-18 00:45:43

Alvin-Earthworm, I am happy to see you have made recent comment. I hope you're doing well, seems like life is giving you some struggles. I dearly love your work, it is very unique even if it is based on other people's characters. The plot is one of the best I have ever seen, on-par with, well, Dragonball Z. I would be sad if the series did not continue, but I would be content with what you have., I will not push you like everyone else does. However, here is a crazy idea I have just had.

Have you ever heard of a site called Kickstarter? There are also similar sites, Kickstarter is the one I am familiar with. Now I'm not sure of any legalities you would have to overcome since you are using Nintendo and Sega's content... however, should that not be a problem... I would propose you set a budget, have people give to it which you shouldn't have a problem funding it (I sure as heck know I would give) and use it to hire some of the best sprite animators you know. There are some that I strongly feel could replicate your work (obviously use only people you trust)... then again you might be ahead of the game on everyone else because you ARE revolutionary. Your role would be doing some animation, but then mainly director's work. Now I also realize you may not have as much pride in your work if this occurred, but this would get your ideas out there. The reboot would take a considerable amount of time, and people would get antsy (unfortunately).

Again, it is an idea, take it or leave it. I would personally be iffy if the shoes were on the other feet... but, I have ZERO Flash experience and don't plan on ever having any. However I would love to work on making some original music for this and would be honored to, I'd be willing to learn a heck of a lot just for you.

Thanks for everything, what a blessing this was in my teen years and even now at my age of 23. I sincerely wish you the best in your future endeavors and hope things get much, much better for you.


2013-08-17 20:24:54

Okay. Forgive me if I exaggerated earlier. But I still must protest against doing a reboot of SMBZ. It pleases me like just a bit that you're still thinking about the series in spite that you axed it. The reason I advise against a reboot is I loved (you hear me, LOVED) the way SMBZ originally turned out. There are other sprite animators attempting to resume your series for you. Maybe they had the creative spark you so coveted for a long time. You say you didn't like the way SMBZ turned out? We did! I admit Mecha Sonic's massacre on Mobius made things a bit dismal on Sonic's universe and it drastically changed Shadow so much that he cared a lot more about revenge than teamwork and friendship.

See, the reason you lost your spark of creativity is because you rely on yourself too much. You should implement ideas given by your fans despite they won't be the best ones. No, I'm not saying implement all of them! Just look into what your fans think should happen. Look thoroughly until you find the one that best suits your needs, or otherwise, your spark of creativity.

To conclude this speech, I still prefer if you continued from the same continuity you conjured from your imagination. Or if you insist on rebooting the series, go right ahead. :)

Alvin-Earthworm responds:

Perhaps I should have used the term "Reboot" more loosely. The main plot will be, for the most part, unchanged. I will mostly be fixing things that I weren't happy with. Like dialogue, choreography, etc. I want to start things over to get it closer to my original vision for the series.
In regards to ideas implemented by fans. Episode 7 and Basilisx are fan ideas. Both of which I was unhappy with.
Episode 7 was too dialogue heavy and spouted exposition all over the place. Not to mention Kolorado's ridiculous Deus Ex Machina moment with his stopwatch.
Basilisx, despite being well received by fans, was poorly implemented. He just kinda showed up with no backstory or buildup. I feel that also distracted from the anticipation of Mecha Mario's appearance and would have undermined the upcoming battle against the Koopalings.
These issues are the key reasons I haven't passed the torch to another animator to continue my series. I feel they would deviate too much from my original vision and may end up making asinine choices, like adding Megaman or other third party characters. *COUGHMEGASONICBROSAFCOUGH!!!*
But again, these are just plans. I don't even have Flash at the moment because my previous PC deep fried itself back in May. I don't have the disposable income to be spending £500 on a new copy of Flash. Especially while I am still debating on whether or not to come out of sprite animation retirement.


2013-08-17 16:31:15

If you plan on resuming SMBZ, PLEASE DON'T DO A REBOOT! If you are rebooting the series, then looks like you truly have lost my respect. I gave you a two thumbs up just for quitting the series because it was too much work. But if you're gonna destroy your own masterpiece with a reboot, make that a 2 thumbs DOWN!!!!!!

(Updated ) Alvin-Earthworm responds:

I'd say it's a little premature to dismiss the idea just yet. I'd have thought that you would have been happy that I am making considerations to resume the series in any shape or form.
Don't take that as confirmation that I will be, though. Life is still giving me lemons and I am getting sick of drinking Lemonade.


2013-08-17 07:36:42

hes still working on super mario bros z.Heres scene one:

Alvin-Earthworm responds:

Actually, that scene was made shortly after I finished episode 8. I decided to upload it so people could see how Mario got out of his predicament against Basilisx.
If I ever resume the series, most likely it will be a reboot made from the ground up. There are many things about the original series that I would like to do over.


2013-08-06 21:57:12

Oh well I guess..


2013-07-24 10:05:41



2013-07-18 19:36:59

I miss you being on Newgrounds dude. Your Super Mario Z series was one of my favourite series on Newgrounds.


2013-07-18 10:07:28

i feel sad


2013-07-12 02:07:24

You did what you had to do. It was fun while it lasted, and we are all thankful for the entertainment you have brought to us. Maybe instead of making animaltions, you just type a script up and basically make a story out of it? Just a suggestion. Best of luck and thanks.


2013-07-11 16:09:56

I don't want to sound ungratefull, because I really love how you tried to continue this despite of the fact it isn't the same thing to you as it was when you started, and fully understand the reason for ending it,

but I'd love to at least know how you planned for the story to continue if the animation continued, some closure, I'd love to see a written continuation of the story, I'm just really curious

whatever you decide to do, thx for the memories man! trough this series I actually made some friends who later turned into my best friends at highschool, they've continued to be even after college, we connected as the 3 of us all were huge fans of your show

great luck, on whatever your doing now or gonna do!


2013-07-03 17:52:39

good luck man and thanks for all. I will miss you


2013-07-03 16:28:25

I used to believe in you, Mark. You cancelled a perfectly-good series. I wanted the series to continue. Why, dude? Why?

Anyway, can I succeed you in continuing the story, please? However, the rest of the story will be different. The continuation will have new out-of-game characters, a new plot, and, since you stopped at episode 8, five episodes for a complete thirteen-episode series. And, the continuation will have a subtitle: resRXion (pronounced "ressurrection"), or "RX" for short. That's right, the continuation will be called Super Mario Bros. Z: resRXion (SMBZ:RX).

Thank you, Mark "Alvin-Earthworm" Hadley. Give me a reply if you can.


2013-07-02 07:42:37

Well thanks for everything you have done Alvin your a amazing at what you did very sad Ep 9 was cancelled but you know even though good things dont last very long you made 8 and a half episodes of epicness for months i understand that somethings in life will be so fun but later on something in you changes and you lose interest even though you still want to do those fun stuff you just cant because you have completely lost interest its possible to regain interest but if you really dont want to you dont have to you have been doing this for years so i understand your tired once again thanks to you and everyone who helped make the series awesome and your one-of-a-kind there might never be another talented person like you see you next time if possible .


2013-07-01 20:18:53

I miss you alvin.


2013-06-29 04:13:58

I believe that Alvin won't give his work to anyone. He seems clear enough to just bury it. I noticed he never replies or comes on newgrounds anymore.


2013-06-21 17:07:46

Oh and also, I kept seeing ldgvegetto´s vids for sonic´s quest for power, im 14 now, and I was watching smbz when I was only 9! I´m your biggest fan man!


2013-06-21 17:02:41

Alvin Earthworm, if you´re still out there, please read man.
I´ve been watching the super mario bros z since the first episode came out. Man, I was like woooot! But I had suffered bullying in school just because I was the only one who liked it. Like you, I started making sprite videos, but on Power Point, haha, yeah i made like 2000 slides and I held the spacebar to see the video(making it play the animation, playing all the slide really quick), I had found a way to make sprite videos using this really crappy program. But all was inspired by you, but like you I also had to wake up for reality and start lying in school just so I wouldnt suffer bullying anymore, but you, haha, man when I saw your videos, I was always waiting for another one in the Smbz website. Dont give up man! You can still go back to it! I have had several problems too, I can even donate to you. Just continue man, watching smbz was a dream for me. Thanks


2013-06-21 14:43:10

you probably give SMBZ episode 9 to another amazing sprite animator but if you do they cant make it as good as you do :/


2013-06-20 23:22:44

Once an amazing sprite based flash creator, now a fucking furry. Not gonna get far drawing nude freaky walking animals...


2013-06-20 05:47:33

Rest in peace, SMBZ....


2013-06-10 21:38:26

i've got no power over what your decisions regarding this series may entale and i also understand your personal affairs contributed to your abrupt end to the series though i must ask.
1.what are your opinions on smbzKAI and
2. if you didn't want to do the leg work could you have at least passed on the torch or better oversaw the development of at least a concluding episode. i just want to thank you for at least trying to keep the series afloat for so long. though i don't agree with it i value your decision. i mean hey we are all human right.