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Alvin, man, no words can describe how happy I am you give this series another chance. Reading this makes me feel like you actually enjoy doing it again and I hope I'm right. The series was a big part of my childhood and I re-watched it over and over again but I just kept waiting for that last episode. I'm glad I can now continue the journey with our heroes. Cheers!

Considering this is inspired by DBZ i assume shadow will get similar character developments to a character like say vegeta or piccolo?

Also i heard that chaos is going to be the next villain. Will that be subject to change or do you have some other villains in mind? If so will the be from the mario universe?

super excited for this! kind of upset there aren't gonna be any peach fights though (she wasn't always a dumbass, just look at the nintendo power comics!) but I'm certain this'll be awesome nonetheless! quick recommendation though: start a patreon account. that'll let you make some money and continue to make these awesome animations!

Will look forward to it :)

Some questions I would like to ask.

1. Considering the 2 One Minute Melees that take place in SMBZ Universe, are you going to make them a canon in the Reboot and will you be doing the animation for the Bowser vs Mecha Sonic OMM?

2. Why are you replacing Mecha Sonic with Metallix?

3. If the Banana Bomb is going to be a part of the series anymore, will Waluigi be able to do his meme, AKA WALUIGI TIME!

The first reboot was...
I'm actually crying too see you back tho D,X
So happy
Hope you keep awesome... as always

So this is by and far an 80% reboot then. Awesome, that just makes me look forward to all the changes taking place.

Avoiding episode 7 lengths isn't a bad idea, I remember trying to watch this in class once. My teacher (who allowed it) kept asking 'how long is this video!?'

'Princess peach has always been a dumbass in distress' I agree with toondude10, ouch... just ouch... she did defeat bowser once on her own but... eh, your series.

Banana bomb is gonna stop... sure... sure... *watches bowser's morning cereal rant again*

Man, I never thought I'd see you release another SMBZ, but low and behold, I see one on the front page of Newgrounds. At first I thought it was a fan made revival, but finding you at the helm of this project caught me by surprise.

Good to see more of your work Alvin, I'll be waiting for your next installment.

...So after you finish the Z series, will you start another series called Super Mario Bros. SUPER?

I would never make a series based on that abomination of an anime.

hey man,peach isnt always a "dumbass in distress".quite the contrary,she has comparable speed and strength to mario and luigi and even beat bowser on one occasion.the only reason she gets kidnapped by bowser as much as she does is honestly for the sake of the plot.

Man if Sega and Nintendo ( and the company behind dbz I guess ) wanted to make some serious dinero, SMBZ is the way to go !! They'd make sooo much money from a collab like that let alone any aside from the aforementioned shit ass olympic games

I love seeing people white knight for a fictional character, haha :)
...wait, what am I saying? I'm part of this species!

Anyway, loved the first episode and watching it many times. Only thing I didn't care for was the flavor dialogue, like from Rawk Hawk. I don't think he contributed to the plot in any way at all. Even the small amount of screen time he got was too much. Keep up the great work, I'll always be a fan.

When will episode 2 of the reboot will come out???
no pressure ^_^


I'd far prefer Sonic's world and bros to be revived.

Apart from that, I'm a LOT more hyped for this than I actually thought I'd be.

The Wario fight didn't do anything for me, but the series has always started slow, as far as I'm concerned.

Dat fire-rain portion of the metal bowser fight was where my personal hype train actually got going at full speed.

Oh, goddamnit! His Patreon page has been taken down due to Nintendo!

I am not going to lie. I was pretty angry back when you said were cancelling the series after having made us wait for quite sometime. I'm pretty sure you could find the comment too.

Now I was... Younger back then but hearing about all the things that you have said went on with your job. I'll take back what I said and hope for the best. Good luck with the series Alvin. Hopefully it will become as big as it was back in the day. I see you are focusing a lot more on the Mario aspect too. Which is a good thing. Sonic and Shadow were hogging a whole lot of the spot light back then. Which I didn't mind because Shadow was my favorite character of all time back then lol. Second to Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. But I'm interested to see how this new focus is going to play out. It might be harder for me to get used to because of the fact I've never been a really big fan of Mario or Luigi's personalities. But again let's just see where this goes.

Good luck Alvin.

What do you plan on doing now that Nintendo has taken down your Patreon page?

Hey Alvin you don't have to answer if you don't feel like it, but I was wondering if I can do a Sonic origin story. By this, I mean if I can do a story before Sonic and Shadow arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom. Unlike other people, I want to have your permission. Thanks!