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2009-10-10 15:39:25 by Alvin-Earthworm

Just figured I'd make a news post to direct you to some other authors on this site that you may enjoy if you like watching SMBZ.


The one who inspired me to work on SMBZ. You'll notice I borrowed some elements from his fight scenes which have become staples in my series. He hasn't updated his account in ages, but check out Sonic's quest for power. You're in for a treat.


Another sprite animator who's submissions helped inspire me. He has given me some helpful tips and resources over the years which has helped me improve over time. A very skilled sprite animator in his own right. Definately one to watch.


Many of you know him for submissions like Parody Rangers and NiN10Doh! these days. But when he first started, he was a sprite animator as well. Although he has moved from sprites to hand drawn stuff, his TTA series will probably remain as one of my favorite series he has created. The plot was very clever and kept you hooked for the whole 73 episodes. Just a pity the story was never finished.
If you have the time, I suggest you check it out.

Daniel Sun

Another one of my inspirations. Best known for his Power star series that featured some impressive sprite work and a dark story. If you like high octane sprite flashes, then this is for you. It's not for the squeamish though. =P


What can I say about this artist? His Nazo Unleashed trilogy kicks ass! Although it's a Sonic flash, it has a very DBZ feel to it. Another one to watch if you enjoy SMBZ.


Creator of the Dawning of Darkness series. Although it's another Mario and Sonic crossover, it is by no means another SMBZ clone. Great for those who prefer a darker storyline. Go check out his stuff now!

There are hundreds of great artists on this site, but I only wanted to list those that had the biggest impact on me. Hopefully their submissions will tie you up until I can get the next episode of SMBZ released.
Have fun! =)


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2009-10-10 15:43:02

So many authors...


2009-10-10 16:26:53

Yeah, I actually know a good number of these artists. I look at their work and then I look at yours and wonder: Will there be a time when you become greater than them? The episodes you've done have really evolved in such short notice though...


2009-10-10 16:20:11

I knew Kirb's ,movies since TTA 10. I loved the stuff he did with it. Too bad he stopped working on it. Wanted to see how he would animate the end, those character pics just weren't enough for me.


2009-10-10 16:08:45

Thanks for the list.
And Episode 8 kicks ass.


2009-10-10 15:59:51

The man behind the series. You should throw up some tutorials. I sure as hell would love to learn from you. If you ever need anything dude,(Which I doubt you will) I'm hear. There's no particular reason why I'm leaving comment, but I just felt I should. I coudn't help but notice your inspirations. If seen all of these animators flashes...(Most of them). I don't have any talents in falsh, but art is what I do. Sadly... I don't have a scanner...
Anyways... Looking foward to SMBZ9. I'm sure it will be as promising as the others. But If you're interested, you can send a pm for a short script... or needed sprites. I would love to apart of the whole series...



2009-10-10 16:37:18

Sweet. First one to comment! And thanks man! I will check them all out. You are the master of flash!


2009-10-10 16:00:11

I have heard some of those people b4 [i love not another sprite fight lol].Im just throwing out an idea but maybe you shld make an smbz game [people who kill 4 it lol].You may be inspired by people,but ppl are also inspired by you [me being one of the thousands of people].I tried doing sprite animation with pivot but started being VeRy anoying making different images for every pose which then i got ahold of FLASHMX and...didnt know how to wrk it lol so i hav givn up but dont u ever ppl are counting on you and u hav the skill to be great [as u already know].So on those dull days at home making an smbz episode remember this.I HOPE TO SEE YOU AND THE PROGRESS OF SMBZ SKYROCKET TO THE TOP!


2009-10-10 20:51:11

Yeah, I managed to watch those authors after watching E6 of SMBZ. Afterward, I watched the 1-6 here, and then 7 came out. I had high hopes for 8, and I was not disappointed. I was immensely inspired when I first saw this and constructed a WMM series, Chaos Emerald Z (now having a prequel in WMM, Chaos Emerald, and a sequel with Flash, Chaos Emerald GT). Perhaps the most blatantly SMBZ inspired moment comes in Ep.3, when Cooler destroyed Angel Island. Then EEnE Z is more of a side-project, but still has garnered quite an image for itself with me using only low-res LSW sprites. If I ever get the patience, I'll probably use Shonen Jump Superstars sprites and edit those into characters, but I likely won't, considering that LSW sprites are infinitely easier to manipulate.


2009-10-10 21:30:44

(working on well animated series) How f*cking earth did you get so Funny! (P.S. Love Yoshi's eye twitch.


2009-10-25 08:13:28

I'm really happy to see you more involved with your fans on newgrounds. =D


2009-11-12 22:15:55

Welcome to Costco. I love you.

(It's really cool that you are helping others show there hard work, and of course you yourself have one hell of an epic series on your hands. Keep up the amazing work, all your fans appreciate it greatly.)


2009-11-13 14:37:16


Good work though, keep it up, man, I look forward to your next works.


2009-11-17 23:15:56

As Mr. Spock always says: Live long, and kick ass. Best of luck with the rest of your projects!


2009-11-23 22:43:04

I love every single one of these other animators, and I'm glad you take a little of everything and make your own original concept. And also, be sure to ignore all the stupid people who are saying, "It's been like 2 months, where's the new SMBZ episode?!" Obviously they've never made an animation, let alone one as advanced as yours, so, don't feel compelled to hurry up with the new episode, which I'm sure you didn't feel like in the first plce, make sure to take your time with it, and for G-d's sake, just ignore the f*ckers who ask for the next episode ;D


2009-11-25 00:21:10

mmmmm....daniel sun uh?...yeah, he's good and all, (I knew about his work before yours) you really want to recomend him? are you aware of the opinion he has about your work? look at his news, must be in the second page, 3rd or 4th post tittle "3 days of frontpage wowowow "


2009-11-26 17:59:59

Youre SMBZ series makes Sonics Quest for Power look like crap. Sure it was better than a lot of other sonic animations, bu the plot made zero sense, the transformations and story were poorly thought out and amateur. Your series is clever and well thought out, the story is both interesting and funny, and the fight scenes are comepletely kick ass. Saying SQFP inspired SMBZ is like saying the Lightbulb inspired the Hadron Collider. Chakra X's series was really good and realistic, and it actually fit well into the real plot, but the animation lacked a certain something. In other words, you are the king of sonic on Newgrounds.


2009-11-27 17:15:47

All good artists and I'm glad you give them props. Have a good'n.


2009-11-28 18:31:16

i dont understand... how does alvin keep his files under 10 mbs with this kind of a movie? my thing is like 12.7 with all sdfx and music quality down. can someone help me? awesome movie by the way


2009-11-29 11:17:30

Alll of ur work is so awesome!


2009-11-30 13:26:05

Are you alive?


2009-11-30 17:13:28

Alvin im a huge fan but you really need to keep people posted on how your series is coming along I know you have other things to worry about but if you could that would be nice. SMBZ rocks!


2009-12-02 20:11:52

ive seen most of these works, and im not dissapointed with yours :D. But say, when are you gona plan to come out with episode 9 in the SMBZ, because we are all really waiting for it.


2009-12-04 12:51:38

These are artists with true gifts in sprite. And you are no exception.All of you make me wish I had even a little bit of skill in sprite making. You are, as well as them, are titans when it comes to sprites. Good luck to the future. I'll be waiting for SMBZ 9 as a true fan!


2009-12-04 18:11:42

not rushing you just akin when is the next episode of super mario bros z


2009-12-06 12:13:28

One person you definitely gotta see is thewax70.


2009-12-06 13:48:12

how could you forget bigfoot 3290?


2009-12-07 04:18:40

You,re the best!!


2009-12-08 19:11:16

i love love love ur vidios


2009-12-16 04:17:29

Well well what do we have here Super Mario Bros Z Why don't put some crash Bandicoot Sprites.


2009-12-22 22:00:46

Your series are amazing, I've been following them for some years now.

Between can you or anyone P.M. with the name or link of the music you use in the intro of the 8th episode.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


2009-12-25 17:05:14

So how long do you expect it will take you to finish episode 9


2009-12-26 19:36:23

When do you think the next SMBZ will be out.


2009-12-27 11:44:49

Thanks for taking the time to post this dude. It will keep me busy as I keep my fingers crossed for another edition to your saga. I hope you finish it, as fantasy writer (just as a hobby) unfinished projects have a special place in my heart, but it's those "completed" sagas that keep me writing.


2009-12-29 20:05:05

Even though your series is just Mario and Sonic set to DBZ, your directing skills, music selections, custom sprites, actionscript knowledge, pacing, etc. make up for it. I'd recommend that you finish the series as soon as you can, so you can do something that hasn't been done before. Note: I don't have a beef with sprite movies, but I think it's time for you to broaden your horizons.


2010-01-02 16:28:32

Ive been waiting over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (days)