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SMBZ ep 1 remake (Scene 1 Swivel test)

Posted by Alvin-Earthworm - August 23rd, 2015


It's been a while, Newgrounds. Hope everybody is doing okay.
About a few weeks ago I decided to log into my Newgrounds account for the first time in a few years and I found out about Swivel. I know I'm pretty late to the party, but I just want to start off by saying Thank you to Mike and all those that made the program a reality.


Admittedly one of the biggest shortcomings that turned me off from Flash were the technical limitations of the software and my difficulty with handling Actionscript. But with Swivel, I can essentially eliminate the necessity of making menus and buttons in flash as well as vastly improving the streaming quality of the animations. So, I took my old practice animation I worked on a few years ago and tried it out.

Some of you will no doubt remember the older version of this scene that I uploaded back in 2013:


Since then, I have made some tweaks to it. First off, the title card design and music are totally different. The "Dragonshrooms" have now been replaced by the Chaos Emeralds. Although the Dragonshrooms were a novel visual throwback to the DBZ title cards, I never had any actual plans to include them in the series. I felt, at least for the first saga, it would make more sense for the Chaos Emeralds to be in the title since the heroes main objective is to collect them all before Metallix does.
Also, the original DBZ title theme by Bruce Faulconer has been replaced by a metal remix of the stage complete theme from Super Mario bros on the NES. Please check the Youtube link down below:


Other changes include increasing the aspect ratio to 1080p. Adding a new font for the dialogue boxes (no more comic sans) and adding some new effects and tweaks to the animation. Since I'll be rendering flashes in MP4 format instead of SWF from now on, it allows me to go balls to the wall with the graphics.

Swivel pretty much makes things a whole lot easier for me and I am considering experimenting with it some more.
This isn't a promise that the series will be coming back in full force, but at least know my desire to work with sprite animation has been somewhat invigorated.

Comments (14)

I look forward to seeing this. I certainly enjoyed the originals, and the remake will probably turn out even better!

I felt so robbed when this series seemed like it wasn't going to be completed. Obviously you come to terms with the creator's choices for his/her own life moving forward. I'm glad you are invigorated. I hope the desire to continue the series (besides my selfishness) comes back. Good luck moving forward and thanks for this badass series.

Nice to see you're alive :P

Hey, nice to see you're feeling up to animating sprites again! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Welcome back champion. :)

Were just happy you're sill alive :) Good Luck!

Welcome back Alvin, the champion... BTW are you finishing episode 9?

Welcome back Alvin.

pls create a patreon, so people can help you with Money donating
i want to see this series back soooo baaad

You haven't lost your touch I can say that. Good to hear from you again.

At least we have been reassured that glory is coming back to us.

Yay! :3

Exciting news! Glad to see you haven't totally forgotten about NG! Hope you find a second coming and either continue/finish SMBZ or make something new.

Yes! Hopefully everything goes swimmingly :D