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You didn't make that. You just ripped an episode of DBZ from Youtube and posted it on Newgrounds. Not cool, man!
(Seriously though, I lol'd. Nice work!)

Quite good

This was quite entertaining despite it's short length. But that is justifiable since this was originally part of a collab. Some parts did look vaguely familiar to some of the fight scenes I worked on in the past, but your choreography was well paced. So I give this a 7.
Good luck with any future projects you have in store.

Okay conclusion to an epic series.

And so the series ends with a bang, the flashy animation. The speed, the choreography, everything was masterfully done.
The only thing that stops this from getting a perfect 10 was the ending. I dunno, I guess I'm just not fond of the premise where everybody dies. It feels kinda cheap to me.
But other than that, kudos on a great series. Hope your non sprite works turn out just as good.

Great parody

Don't hate me, but I actually preferred the ending in this one compared to the original. Guess I wasn't too fond of the "everyone dies" scenario.
I lol'd at the part where Mario and Luigi were flailing their arms at each other.
All my 10 r belong to this!

JonBro responds:

Woah, it's Alvin-Earthworm.

Thanks for the 10! =)

Great job!

I remember seeing this on your Youtube account. But I can definately say the sound effects are vastly improved and I like the DMC music. Though I admittedly thought the Attack of the Koopa bros song kinda suited it a little more, but that's just me.
I can also see you used my Mario Kamehameha pose. Glad it came in handy.
Nice work. Hope to see more in the future.


I remember this used to be called Super Mario bros Z ep 7.
I appreciate you renaming it. I found this loop quite funny. XD


Glad to see there are more people besides me and Proxicide doing justice to sprite movies. Awesome work with the action and great use of the surroundings in the battle. 5'd. =D

btw. I noticed in an earlier review that you plan on making a Venom vs Spidey flash, which is a pity because I was planning on making one after I finished SMBZ ep 6. I even ripped the spidey sprites I was gonna use myself. (You can see the sheet on Spriters Resource).
I'm not sure if I should bother with it now if you're gonna make one. Either that we can try to collaborate on it?
It's your choice though.
Great work with the animation either way and keep it up. =D

Trixiaoyu responds:

Oh My GOD!
It's Mark Haynes!!!
Creator of Super Mario Bros. Z!
O_O' OMG OMG OMG! *Calm's Down*

Hi there... yes actually I am gonna make a Spidey vs Venom Flash, but I didnt know that you were thinking of creating one too...

O boy... um, well a collaboration...
Dont get me wrong I don't mind collaborating with you!

However I was thinking of getting started on this movie very soon, and... well... you just finished making SMBZ ep 6! WHICH WAS AWESOMEEE!!
9000 lol!
However... I think that you might wanna take a little break before
re-starting a new flash project...

I dont mind collaborating at all... but are you sure that you want to get started on another Sprite Movie so Quickly... and I mean that!

Thnk about it creating SMBZ ep. 1 - 6! THAT must have taking everything you had and more....
dude, you need a break!!

Thanks for the Review!! ^_^

PS: Ive 5'd all your work on SMBZ!
Except for part 1, that started off slow and it took some getting used to... so I gave that 4! Sorry! =/

Improves on the originals

Amazing work as always Proxicide. You're one of the few people that inspired me to take up sprite animating.
This episode definately improves on the originals, but I must confess, im disappointed that the Street fighter characters always seem to win in the end. I'd love an option to pick the winner if you ever make a 4th one.
Also, the plots tend to be a bit lame, but these animations are always about the action which you manage to pull off flawlessly.
It's obvious I have a lot more to learn in order to reach your level of skill, but i'm sure i'll get there eventually, with practice. =D
As always, Keep up the awesome work and I eagerly anticipate a sequel if you decide to make another.

It's been a while

I've been waiting to see this second episode after your previous ones for quite a while. But it was worth the wait. Here's my review:

Graphics: I like the custom sprites, even if they aren't exactly perfect. But I know they took a while to make though. The movement was pretty well animated, But I really think you should try using the Vcam in future, since it really helps with panning and zooming. Trust me on this one.

Style: Although I do like the style. It does remind me a lot of SQFP, But you have added a bit of your own style to it, so it hasn't affected your score that much.

Sound: The sounds and music were very clear. But some of the music loops need a little work.

Violence: Not quite as much violence. But I can't exactly complain. The fight between Mario/Luigi/ Yoshi vs Bowser/Shadow/Mecha Shadow was awesome.

Interactivity: Buttons for the start and scene select. As well as space bar functionality for the dialogue. Gets a 5 because their isn't much interactivity in movies anyway.

Humour: Some funny bits thrown in for good measure. I liked the part when Mario dragged Luigi along with him. Very similar to parts in my SMBZ series. XD

Overall: A great use of sprites, original storyline and plenty of action. I just hope the next part is even better.

Deserves better than Daily 5th.

Awesome work on this! I remember seeing the early version. Good to see you finally finished it.
The fighting was intense. And those special effects were Awesome.
You deserved a higher award. But at least you got on the front page. =D
5 all the way bud. Keep up the pwnsome work. XD

rebaz responds:

lolololololol alvin, yea
the day i posted this.
everyone who won a award,besides the daily first, their scores were all between a 3,50 and 3,60, it was kinda hilarious, i had the lowest one LOL
but i didnt expect allot, i know there are allot of haters in the portal, i'm glad its on frontpage now.

i hope i will..i hope i will.

~Rebaz Talei

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